June 2016

It was raining on the way to the Rovaniemi. Weather forecast has promised nice sunny weather for most of the day, but afternoon it promised heavy rain. However the sun was shining and it was Era’s first time in the Champion class. Judge was Mrs Hanne Laine Jensen from Denmark. 

Almost like a home show. We were most afraid of the dark clouds in the sky and possibility for rain. Honourable breeder judge Mrs Catharina Almroth judged 21 Miniature Schnauzers of which 4 Imbrez. It was nice to see very experienced judge finding out the best and the worst things from our dogs and she did explain all her judgements. Boy, that was fun. 

After some driving from Riga, and couple of hours sleep, on Sunday we found us from sunny and green Mustiala. One of the most beautiful showgrounds this summer. We had Luke, Iitu and Ferro with us and also Martta and Sylvi with Annamaria. And we had so much to wait for: Ferro was still hunting his last certificate. On Sunday 47 Miniature Schnauzers were judged by Mr Stefan Sinko from Slovenia.

It was quite a busy weekend, on Saturday we had Latvian Winner Show in Riga. We started our trip already on Friday to be in time in old Riga. 500 km and a 2 hours boat trip took some time, especially when it was raining. And yes, same thing was ahead of us directly after the show on Saturday afternoon.